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About Us


Demoralize is a Symphonic Metal band formed in Athens, Greece in 2016 by Aris Nikoleris and Gus Ringas. The band was intended as a mix of Power/Heavy Metal with emphasis on symphonic elements inspired by bands such as Rhapsody, Kamelot, Nightwish and Dimmu Borgir however with more additions to the lineup, other influences were also added to the mix to create a more modern and unique sound.

"The Beginning" Single

After the launch of "The Dragon's Call" EP and several lineup changes, the band released the single The Beginning drawing inspiration and lyrics from the "Elder Scrolls" universe. The Beginning was Mixed and Mastered by Raytown Productions

What's next?

The band plans to release its first full length album set to be released within 2024.

Demoralize Lineup:

· Vocals: Michalis Karasoulis

· Rhythm Guitars: Kostas Kosmopoulos

· Lead Guitars: Gus Ringas

· Bass: Aris Nikoleris

· Drums: Stavros Vorissis


· Photography: Peter Papapetros